# What is AskTheCode?

Welcome to the documentation for the AskTheCode ChatGPT plugin!

AskTheCode is a powerful and versatile plugin designed to bridge the gap between ChatGPT and the vast world of GitHub repositories. With AskTheCode, developers can seamlessly analyze GitHub repositories and pose questions to ChatGPT related to those repositories. Whether you're diving into a new codebase, reviewing an old project, or just curious about a repository's structure, AskTheCode has got you covered.

# Key Features

  • Universal Language Support: Whether you're working with Python, JavaScript, Rust, or any other programming language, AskTheCode is designed to support them all. Its versatility ensures that no code is left behind.

  • Public and Private Repositories: Your privacy matters. AskTheCode is equipped to work with both public and private repositories, ensuring that you can access and analyze your code irrespective of its visibility status on GitHub.

  • Accurate Results: The efficacy of AskTheCode is largely influenced by the way you prompt ChatGPT. Craft your questions thoughtfully to get the most accurate and relevant results.

Remember, like any tool, the power of AskTheCode is harnessed best when used correctly. Dive in, explore, and let AskTheCode assist you in your coding journey!